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Outcome possesses the expertise, domain knowledge, and creativity to become the most trusted provider of risk and crisis management software solutions. Incorporated in February 2009 in California, Outcome fuses best practices from law enforcement and military intelligence doctrine with private sector business and software standards to deliver a cohesive risk and crisis management solution.


Outcome draws upon the experience and capabilities of its management team and advisory board consisting of first-responder, military, intelligence, security, business, and software professionals, backed by world-class academic research.


Leveraging work in the Public and Private Sectors, Outcome's leadership team recognized that many common vulnerabilities are shared by the community as a whole. Through extensive research, we identified the critical gaps between family preparedness and direct access to relevant and actionable guidance.


Our firm belief is that Homeland security begins at home, and through better preparedness we can make our world safer one family at a time. Further, we believe that family safety enables community and corporate resiliency.




2011 – Fall, the company released SAFE (Self Assessment Family Emergency), the first free online service that provides families and individuals with an assessment of risk exposure and a relevant, prioritized action plan describing how to reduce risk and be better prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency.

2010 – Recognizing the critical gaps between family preparedness for specific emergency situations and direct access to relevant and simple guidance, Outcome focused on developing an online application designed to improve the preparedness of every family. Significant development of the next generation of CORE (Critical Operations Resolution Engine) - v1.0 - was also completed.

2009 – In order to provide more focus and enable future growth, Outcome Logic, Inc. was established by spinning-off the software division of Direct Measures, Inc.

2007 – CORE Matrix proven effective during the California wildfires. This significant advance in crisis management was featured in both Security Management and Security magazines.

2006 – CORE Matrix v0.5 was deployed at the US subsidiary of a global $60 billion electronics corporation.

2005 – In concert with a team of MBA candidates from the UC Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business, and staff from CUSA (University of California Irvine's Center for Unconventional Security Affairs) the first concept and architecture for Daybreak Alert (vulnerability assessment and early warning system) was developed.

2004 – Building on previous research and in support of a private sector engagement, the first version of the CORE Matrix was developed.

2003 – In conjunction with CUSA, Direct Measures led the development and presentation of school safety analysis and recommendations to a forum of law enforcement first responders, education, public and private industry in Orange County, California.

2002 – Subsequent to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Direct Measure's founder began studying how to address the needs in the public, private, and educational sectors for large-scale security threats and crisis management.