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Neil C. Livingstone, in America the Vulnerable


"43% of all businesses that close their doors, even for
one day, due to a disaster or crisis, never reopen them
again. And an additional 28% fail during the next three
to five years.”


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Corporate Resiliency Solutions


In today’s fast changing global business world, continuity planning is at the core of corporate governance. In a time of crisis when safety, productivity, employee moral, assets and reputation are at risk, knowing that the necessary measures are in place will protect the bottom line and management’s piece of mind.


An effective business continuity plan, which includes a seamless integration of the emergency response process with risk management programs, is essential for business performance and corporate liability mitigation.


Our corporate resiliency solutions provide a menu of comprehensive, integrated and innovative tools that your company can adopt to support business operations, and be prepared to manage crises anytime and anywhere.



Outcome Logic supports Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8, and has developed programs
that address all five key aspects of continuity and enhanced resiliency.