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Executive Team:




Alon Stivi
President & CEO

Following his service in the Israeli Special Forces, Mr. Stivi has become an internationally recognized leader on security, violence prevention, counterterrorism and travel safety. He has provided security consulting, tactical training, and advisory services to both the private and public sectors. In addition to an extensive list of high-profile corporations and individuals, Stivi has worked with elite military units as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Stivi founded Outcome Logic to pursue his goal of improving the safety, preparedness and resiliency of communities, companies and individuals.




Stephen Marlow

Prior to joining Outcome Logic in April, 2011, Mr. Marlow was a member of its Advisory Board. Marlow recently retired from Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., where he served as Executive Vice President, overseeing the strategic direction and performance of the multi-billion dollar Americas arm of the world’s third largest semiconductor company. Marlow continues to provide advisory support to various community, business and educational entities in Orange County.





Advisory Board:





Mark Harshbarger
CPA, Vice President of Finance, Sanmina-SCI Corporation

Mr. Harshbarger directly manages the finance and accounting function of Sanmina-SCI’s Modular Solutions Division, performing international accounting, M&A activities, managing turn-around operations, and is a member of Sanmina’s Global Finance Management organization. Prior to working with Sanmina-SCI, Harshbarger owned and operated a successful accounting consulting company.



Allan Karl
CEO, clearcloud

Allan Karl is a marketing entrepreneur, adventurer, professional keynote speaker, photographer and author. Karl runs clearcloud, an international digital marketing firm that provides clients with strategic digital marketing, brand communications and creative services. Prior to starting clearcloud, Karl founded Wirestone, ranked by Advertising Age as one of the country's top 50 digital marketing agencies. His client experience includes Apple, AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. From 2005-2008, Karl traveled the world alone on a motorcycle.




Dr. Richard A. Matthew
Professor, Schools of Sociology & Social Science, University of California at Irvine
Founding Director, Center for Unconventional Security Affairs

Dr. Matthew studies global threat networks and the environmental dimensions of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction and has done extensive fieldwork in conflict zones in South Asia and East Africa. He has consulted for numerous government agencies and private companies in the US and abroad.




Dr. Raymond W. Novaco
Professor of Psychology & Social Behavior, University of California at Irvine

Dr. Novaco's research is dedicated to the study of anger and violent behavior, especially with regard to their therapeutic regulation. His interests span a broad range of topics including trauma, domestic violence, and environmental determinants of human stress and violence.



Dr. Annette L. Sobel

Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri

Dr. Sobel is an adjunct professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, the Nuclear Science Engineering Institute at the University of Missouri, and with MU’s Family and Community Medicine program. She also serves as an assistant to the provost for strategic opportunities at MU. Sobel develops interdisciplinary research teams to address research problems focused on engineering, medical, security and defense needs. A former Major General in the National Guard, Sobel’s work primarily focuses on innovative educational platforms, performance sustainment under stressful conditions, bioinformatics tools for early warning of disease outbreaks, and countermeasures to weapons of mass destruction. She is a guest scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and serves on National Academy panels addressing the global war on terrorism, and homeland security. Sobel has received NATO recognition for lifetime contributions to the understanding of bio-effects and countermeasure development to weapons of mass destruction.




Colonel G.I. Wilson, USMC (Ret.)

G.I. Wilson is a retired Marine Corps Colonel and combat veteran with 33 years of military service and several years of experience in law enforcement-emergency services. He is widely published in professional journals, appears on national television, radio, and in documentaries. Wilson coauthored a 1989 professional paper that coined the term “fourth generation warfare (4GW).”